Rule Breaker









Today is March 13th, which means it is 7 days before Spring officially begins and 2 days before I get paid (woot woot!). However, it doesn’t feel so much like spring when there is 5 inches of snow on the ground and a blizzard headed for the Midwest. Just yesterday I was cleaning out my closet to make room for my spring wardrobe. Now I’m stuck here thinking, “What is more important, dressing for the season or dressing for the weather?”.

I decided to do some digging. Is there a rule book out there that outlines all the dos and don’ts of transitioning your wardrobe? Everyone has heard of the fundamental “no white after labor day” principle, but does anyone really know why we follow such guidelines? I mean God forbid someone wear horizontal stripes if they aren’t a size double zero. Who is regulating this rule book?

Well I have some great news, there is NO rule book! Wearing leggings as pants is actually not punishable by death and mixing navy and blue really isn’t a crime at all. The period and culture in which we live actually influences our purchasing decisions and pressures us into looking like an idealized fashion “influencer”. However, every now and then, someone is brave enough to break these rules and BOOM a trend is born.

Moral of the story, I encourage everyone to break those rules that we let dictate how we dress in the morning. I encourage everyone to wear the bright red off-the-shoulder top even if it is snowing outside.

xx Carson




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