3 Tips for Chunky Sweaters











Chunky sweaters are the best way to keep warm in the winter, but sometimes they just don’t do your shape any justice. Bulky cables and fluffy yarns can tend to make you look more like the Michelin Man and less like a snow bunny if not worn correctly. Here are a few tips for updating your staple sweaters!


1. Try Out Different Silhouettes

There is absolutely no reason for all of your sweaters to have the same hem, body, and neckline. Instead of a straight hem, try a hi-lo. Instead of a crew-neck, try an off-the-shoulder. Different silhouettes can offer new shapes and ease over body for even your chunkiest sweaters.

2. Do the Half-Tuck

It’s that easy. Simply take one area of your sweater and tuck it into your bottoms. This one simple technique can help extenuate your waist with even the bulkiest of fabrics.

3. Keep your Bottoms Simple

A fitted, sleek pair of trousers maintain balance and simplicity to your look. Go for more neutral colors and try out a slim leg or a skinny jegging to elongate your figure.


You can purchase the sweater I am wearing here at Nordstrom! OR shop some of my other favorites below!

Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor
T J Maxx
T J Maxx


xx Carson Catherine

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