Sweater Weather







Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is treating everyone as well as it has treated me thus far (only being 4 days in and all). I am currently writing to you from my newly decorated bedroom while watching Blake Lively’s new-ish movie The Shallows. Must feel nice to be surfing in 90+ degree weather, aside from the great white that will be chomping up our favorite Hollywood bombshell any second now.

Here in Milwaukee we are supposed to get up to a whopping 17 degrees this week! Tell me again why I chose to live in the coldest city in America? So I have decided to put together a quick post all about my favorite winter staple: BIG. FLUFFY. SWEATERS.

Lately, jackets and bombers have been on the rise and people seem to forget how good it feels to cozy up with a chenille cardigan or an over-sized boucle cowlneck. Although the one pictured is sold out, below you will find several of my other favorites. Have a WARM 2017!


Free People
Free People


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