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Hello all! Today I am super excited to share something a little different than normal. This post is dedicated to something more important than clothes, or shoes, or even a handbag. It is about something you wear every single day without fail. Your smile!

What better way to show off your smile than with a big, sparkling pair of pearly whites? Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I was able to achieve this in just a few short weeks! Smile Brilliant is a professional teeth whitening brand that lets you administer at home. It is SUPER easy and the results are amazing! I am a big coffee drinker (we’re talking at least 2 to 3 cups a day) so generic whitening brands just werent cutting it for me. I have tried everything from mouth wash to disposable strips, and nothing could keep my teeth staying as white as I wanted them. Once I tried Smile Brilliant, EVERYTHING changed! Below is a How-To Guide to whitening with Smile Brilliant!


The Smile Brilliant At – Home Whitening system includes everything you need to achieve a healthier looking smile. The kit includes:

Impression material (3 jars of catalyst paste and 3 jars of base paste)
Pre-paid postage to ship in your impressions
Professional teeth whitening gel
2 impression trays
Desensitizing gel
Instructional brochure
Custom fit whitening trays
Compact carrying case

Before receiving my package, I was worried the kit would be too complicated and hard to understand, but it could not have been easier to navigate! The instructional brochure lays out several easy steps to follow and even provided me with an extra set of impression material in case I made a mistake.

The first step before whitening is creating a custom fit teeth mold. To do this, I used the impression trays, catalyst paste, and base paste to indent my teeth in a mold which Smile Brilliant then makes into custom fit whitening trays. Once finished, I waited for the mold to harden, then shipped it back to headquarters in a pre-paid postage. Days later, my indents arrived!

The next step is the actual whitening process. I have added a video below to show you how easy it is to whiten. Enjoy!


I have been whitening my teeth now about 3 to 4 times a week. At first, I only left the whitening gel on for 45 minutes at a time. My teeth are extremely sensitive but the desensitizing gel instantly relieved them. After just a few times, I was able to keep the whitening gel on for over 2 hours. The results were phenomenal! Check out my Before & After!



PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Want to try for yourself? I’m giving away one tray creation kit including 3 whitening gels and 3 desensitizing gels! Click here for the GIVEAWAY!! Or use the code CARSONCATHERINE5 for 5% off your order at!

I would recommend Smile Brilliant to everyone and anyone in search of a whiter smile! It is not only affordable, but it actually WORKS. There is so many benefits for choosing custom whitening trays. Still not impressed? Check out this ARTICLE on the Smile Brilliant Site!

download (1).png

xx Carson

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