Badges and Patches and Pins, oh my!

1111Carson August-PASS-0065

1111Carson August-PASS-0049

1111Carson August-PASS-0062

1111Carson August-PASS-0050

1111Carson August-PASS-0064

1111Carson August-PASS-0068

111Carson August-PASS-0054

Calling all former Girl Scouts! You can finally dust off your old vests and sashes and polish up the dozens of patches your mother tirelessly helped you sew on week after week. Fall 2016 is all about badges and pins. Not just on your jacket, but on your shirts, bags, and even your shoes! The bolder the better. I have started to slowly dabble into this trend and I must say, it is super fun. Almost every retailer is starting to sell some kind of pin or iron-on embellishment.  I’ve even started going through some of my mom’s old clothes for some cool vintage pieces.
Collecting these novelties can get expensive, so I’ve linked up some cheaper options to try. Happy shopping!

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