SoCal Part 3: North Park & Borrego

Unfortunately, my time in California came to an end. I was able to check almost everything off my list and made some unforgettable memories with my very best friend. The last few days, Lucy and I explored the newest, up-and-coming neighborhood in San Diego and even made our way down to the scorching hot desert of Borrego.




North Park

According to Forbes Magazine, North Park is considered one of America’s “Best Hipster Neighborhoods”. The area is full of thrift shops, boutiques, bars, and restaurants. I could have explored there all week if I got the chance! Upon our stroll down 30th street, Lucy and I ran into a wall covered with the most adorable succulents. Behind these walls sits a shop known as Pigment. (This store is a 20-something year old’s dream!!) It has absolutely everything from stationary and jewelry to home decor and toys. An entire section of the store brings out an eclectic 70s vibe with dozens of glass hanging terrariums and eco orbs. Pigment is an absolute MUST while you’re in North Park!









Borrego Springs

I have been a Midwestern girl my entire life. I have never actually gotten a chance to travel deep into the desert. The car ride to Borrego alone was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. The ground was this bright orange color with baby blue mountains stretching as far away as I could see. The cactus plants reached taller than my apartment building! My stay was well worth the 90 degree heat.







Overall, I would say my trip was more than a success! I would like to give a huge thank you to the Busby family! Lucy, Sally, Jeff, Grace, and Claire, you were the most phenomenal hosts I could ask for and I can not wait for my next trip to San Diego!!


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