Shabby Apple

Color: It is the first thing the naked eye can see and it is one of the first things that people are attracted to in a garment. It resonates subconscious feelings and emotions and can make or break an outfit. Every year, Pantone releases a “Color of the Year” that connects with the spirit of the time. For 2016, two colors were chosen. Rose Quartz and Serenity were joined together to demonstrate a balance between warm and cool. Other popular colors for 2016 include Peach Echo, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Lilac Gray, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, and Green Flash.


If you are a lover of color like me, I recommend checking out one of my favorite boutiques! Shabby Apple always uses fresh, bold colors in all of their collections. I fell in love with this Micha Maxi wrap dress because the colors and pattern are upbeat and lively. The bright green, along with its two parent colors, look fresh and breezy with the long silhouette.


It’s easy to reach for your basic blacks and whites when you have nothing to wear, but try stepping out of your comfort zone this spring and add some color to your life! I’m not saying you have to go head-to-toe neon, but try pairing subtle pops to your neutrals. You won’t regret it!


Thank you Shabby Apple Boutique for sponsoring this post!


xx Carson








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