Rocket Baby

Who knew my weekly trip to my favorite bakery would turn into quite the photoshoot! As you may have already noticed, I plan most of my blog outfits out ahead of time to show of my new favorite trend, silhouette, color, or whatever it is I am writing about. But sometimes spontaneous fashion shoots can be the most interesting because it demonstrates true street style.

To be honest, I may be one of the only fashion bloggers in the world that doesn’t have a signature style. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a minimalist, a beatnik, an industrialist, or even a prep.  I am a chameleon. My wardrobe slowly adapts to my life experiences (and of course the unpredictable weather).

This particular outfit was inspired by my irresistible sweet tooth. Rocket Baby is one of my favorite spots in all of Milwaukee. It has an endless supply of macaroons, muffins, and any kind of baked goods you could ask for. I wore an oversized poncho, some OTK boots, and a cozy beanie. The weather wasn’t great, but I sure did have fun!


Xx Carson














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