San Francisco

It’s safe to say my recent trip to San Francisco was beyond amazing! In just 4 short days (I guess 6 if you include travel time) I was able to explore all over the bay area. This trip also took place during one of the craziest shopping days of the whole year: Black Friday! So I snagged some crazy good deals from stores I normally wouldn’t get to shop at in Milwaukee. I’ve broken my trip up day by day, with all my favorite spots included. I’m also adding links to some of my favorite shopping destinations and restaurants. Enjoy!



Day 1.

My first full day in San Fran consisted of shopping, shopping, and of course some more shopping. The downtown area was PACKED with people trying to get into their favorite shops. After our epic hunt for bargains downtown, we continued to Haight Street, the epicenter of hippy culture and everything vintage.


Union Square

Union Square is San Francisco’s prime shopping district. They have every store you could imagine and more. I spent hours gazing through the windows at Chanel, Hermes, and Ted Baker. However, my favorite shop in Union Square, was All Saints. All Saints is an iconic London-based retailer known for its biker jackets and premium leather. The inside of the shop was filled with old school sewing machines and giant factory spools.



Haight Street

We didn’t make it to Haight Street until dark but it was still just as mesmerizing as I had imagined. It was like stepping into a time machine. I had so much fun trying on the coolest vintage pieces and I must admit, this is where most of my trip purchasing took place. My favorite shops were Ambiance, Ideele, and Piedmont Boutique.



Day 2.

My second day consisted of walking, walking, and more walking! I think we touched every corner of the city and by the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED! … But I got to see a lot of really cool spots.



Our first stop of the morning was Chinatown. Full of bright colors, beautiful lanterns, and origami Christmas ornaments, how could you not love this place? Little did I know, San Francisco Chinatown is the largest and oldest Chinatown in North America!

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The Ferry Building

Next stop, the Ferry Building! If you enjoy farmers markets, then this is the place for you! So many delicious things to eat and interesting things to buy. I bought a full bag of neon macaroons and some salted caramel chocolates.

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Lombard Street

This curvy road is said to be the most crooked street in the world! It was so steep I was almost out of breath just walking up the sidewalk! But once you got to the top, you could see the most breathtaking view of the city.

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Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf was full of fun touristy things to do. Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Madame Tussaud’s Wax museum were just a couple of the fun attractions located on the waterfront. I also tried In-N-Out for the very first time, then stopped by the candy store for some jumbo-sized treats!

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Day 3.

The third day was my favorite day of the whole trip! We walked along the beach of the Outer Sunset all morning, then made it to the golden gate before dark. The Golden Gate Park is absolutely beautiful and stretches over 1,000 acres!


Beachside Cafe

Coffee, donuts, pie, and eggs benny.. Who wouldn’t love this place? The Beachside Cafe is in a prime location on the outer sunset and a great way to start your morning! Visit their fb page here > Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen

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Golden Gate Bridge

My pictures don’t even do it justice. This was by far one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset was like a dream. It is an absolute must for anyone traveling to San Francisco.

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I never imagined I’d be eating a vegan hotdog, but it happened! This was the perfect late night meal after a long day of biking, walking, and climbing. Check them out at


Day 4.

My last day in San Francisco was the only day the weather wasn’t sunny. I think it started raining because California was just too sad to let me go!



Fun fact: I am obsessed with serial killers. So it was only natural that I visited the prison home to some of the most dangerous criminals! Alcatraz was nothing short of spectacular and I loved hearing about all the wild stories and escape attempts. I recommend watching Escape from Alcatraz before going (you get to see Clint Eastwood naked).

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I hope you enjoyed my recap of the most spectacular Thanksgiving weekend of all time! I definitely have set some goals to start traveling more. Any tips on where to go next? Comment below!



xx Carson



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