If you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t exactly have a signature style. I’m very capricious when it comes to what I wear, and today I was feeling very Rock n’ Roll. So I threw on my favorite raglan tee from this really cool site I discovered a few weeks ago (Gypsy Warrior) and paired it with a black fluffy cardigan. If you enjoy skull tees, vampy dresses, and tattoo culture, then this site is definitely for you! I also rocked some metallic brogues to add a bit of contrast. They are super comfy but definitely not good in the snow, so I need to get some good use out of them before another blizzard hits! As always, links are at the bottom!

P.S. Use code HERES20 to get an extra $20 off your purchase of $65 or more at!

xx Carson







Don’t Be a Prick Raglan Tee || Gypsy Warrior

Metallic Brogues || Bronx

Faux Fur Jacket || ASOS



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