A Brief History of Overalls

Today on the blog, your very own fashion history lesson! The topic: overalls. Overalls were first introduced in the 18th century as a protective garment for the everyday workingman; farmers, miners, railroaders, you get the picture. Unlike trousers, they were much more durable for long days of hard labor (and a great way to prevent plumber’s crack). So how did this “lower class” garment slowly make its way to the runways of New York Fashion Week? You can thank Mr. Levi Strauss for that! By the early 1900s Strauss helped overalls make their way out of the factories and onto the streets as an American classic. By the late 90s, overalls had taken over the scene as a solid footing in the personal styles of hip hop artists and grungy teenagers alike. Kelly Kapowski, Rachel Green, and even the fresh prince of Bel-Air all rocked overalls. Who would have thought that today they’d still be as popular as ever?

xx Carson






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