Local is the New Black

There is no denying my love for the mall. Nordstrom, Anthropologie, j.crew, H&M, Neiman Marcus, Topshop, the list goes on! Often I forget how important it is to shop locally. Small boutiques can offer the most unique products at a more affordable price. Not only are you helping the economy, but you are doing wonders for your wardrobe! Here are just a few reasons I encourage all of you to eat, drink, and shop locally!

1. You keep money in your local economy

2. You support and create local jobs

3. Shopping locally shows pride in your city

4. Local shops create distinctiveness within the community

5. Local shops contribute less to pollution and congestion


6. You will save tax dollars

7. Local businesses support good work in our community– like nonprofit companies

8. You can have a more personalized connection with your shopping experience

9. Local businesses usually have more diverse products

10. You save time and money!


11. You support future growth within your community

12. The important business decisions are made by actual members of the community

13. Local businesses ensure innovation

14. Customer service and product knowledge is often much better

15. Local businesses require very little infrastructure


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