The Perfect Necklace for your Neckline

The spring season brings back lots of fun possibilities. However, with new silhouettes in bloom, accessorizing can get a bit confusing. Not to worry! This guide should help you choose the best necklace for every neckline!


Close your classiest button up all the way to the top and accessorize with a bold statement necklace. This adds a bit of flare to the more ‘corporate’ look and creates a nice focal point without revealing any skin.


At times, a plunging neckline can be very bold. A more delicate piece can create a more simplistic and natural look. Try a dainty locket or even layer multiple pieces like I did above!

3pic3For deep scoops and wide shoulders, go with something that doesn’t compete with the collar line. A longer length can add contrast and versatility. Try for a 24 or 30-inch necklace.


The crew neck is perfect for any collar or bib necklace. Sometimes it appears as if it’s even part of the shirt! I went with this metallic collar necklace from NastyGal (and no.. it’s not backwards!).


Halter necklines start out tight around the neck, go around the shoulders, and become narrow at the end. Try to find a necklace that mimics this shape. For example, a nice geometric pendant like the one I have above!


The split-neck is very similar to the collar neckline. A chunkier necklace will help balance the open space and create a trendier look.

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