Color Trends

With the changing of seasons comes the changing of colors, especially in our wardrobes. Spice up your style with some of my favorite fall colors!

oxbloodOxblood. The true epitome of fall. Oxblood is a deep shade of red, somewhat resembling an expensive glass of cabernet. This color adds radiance to any fall ensemble. It is fancy, yet rebellious—sophisticated, yet sultry. It can be incorporated in a bold statement piece like an oversized tote, or serve as a basic wardrobe staple like a plaid mini.

emeraldJust because the trees are no longer green doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to do the same. Emerald is a lush green hue that is said to be a color of beauty and balance. After making a splash at last year’s fashion week, this whimsical jewel tone has been spotted all over the runways. Incorporating even the smallest touch of emerald can significantly enhance any outfit.

cobaltCobalt serves as one of the best transition colors for fall. It is a medium blue that creates both a vibrant and polished look. It makes a statement without being too overwhelming and makes any outfit look edgy. Forget about your chambray button-up and navy cardigan, cobalt is much more playful and original.

camelWhen it comes to neutrals, camel is by far the most luxurious and timeless. This signature brown dominates the fall color palette for both men and women. Although normally associated with outerwear, camel can be found just about anywhere from your suede cloche to your leather booties.

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